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ED Treatment

Did you know 30-40 million men in America have erectile dysfunction (ED)?

In fact, the numbers show that:

  • In men over 40, about 40% have erectile dysfunction!
  • In men over 50, about 50% have erectile dysfunction!

Erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability to get and maintain an erection. Like any other disease, the underlying issue varies from person to person, but common causes include hormone deficiencies, lack of exercise, inadequate blood flow, and poor diet. Erectile dysfunction is a condition that can lead to severe mental and physical health concerns as well as relationship problems.

At Tier 1, we can help you get it up again by developing and implementing a treatment plan specific to your unique biochemistry. Men, if you are not having at least three to five morning erections per week, regardless of your age, then it’s time to make an appointment!

Lack of erections is a telltale sign of other health issues such as diabetes, vascular disease, and heart disease. Decreased libido and poor erection quality are actually some of the later findings that there is a health problem.

About SonicGains Therapy

SonicGains Therapy is a proven protocol for men that improves sexual performance, treats ED, and keeps the penis healthy. SonicGains Therapy will benefit any man seeking to enhance his sexual pleasure and performance.

SonicGains Therapy works by using high-frequency acoustic waves to open existing blood vessels in the penis, stimulate the growth of new blood vessels, and eliminate micro-plaque. The result is increased blood flow in the penis resulting in stronger, harder, and more sustainable erections.

Benefits Include:

  • Enhances erections
  • Improves sexual performance
  • Increases sensation in the penis
  • More spontaneous erections
  • Better orgasms

SonicGains Therapy is drug and surgery-free, completely non-invasive, and has no known side effects.

About the P-Shot

The P-Shot uses growth factors from your own blood to create vascular genesis – increased blood flow and vitality – to the penis. This all-natural process uses the latest, third-generation Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)/Liquid Phase Concentrated Growth Factors (LPCGF) and is performed during a one-hour, in-office procedure, with noticeable results usually seen within three to six weeks.

Benefits Include:

  • Increased blood flow to the penis
  • Improves the ability to obtain an erection
  • Improves the ability to maintain an erection

The P-Shot is a natural surgery-free option that uses the most advanced PRP/LPCGF technology and is administered from start to finish within one hour. Talk to us today to determine whether the P-Shot is right for you.

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ED Treatment