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Testosterone Deficiency

Are you experiencing symptoms of low testosterone or “low T.” Did your provider say everything looks fine, but you want a second opinion? Are you experiencing lack of energy, low libido, muscle loss, mental issues like fatigue or depression?  Maybe you have a provider, but the therapy isn’t working. At Tier1 we specialize in hormone therapy for men and women. We have changed thousands of lives over the decade (Across the USA and around the world) and aim to help thousands more.

When you or a loved one are facing low T symptoms, don’t choose just any doctor for your low T symptoms. Hire an expert in the field who has over a decade of professional and first hand experience with hormone deficiency. Dr. Nichols has been trained one-on-one by Dr. Neal Rouzier, a world renowned expert in HRT for men and women. With over a decade of experience and personal experience, Doctor Nichols knows what it will take to get your health and life back on track.

Why Choose Tier1 for my TRT?

At tier1 we are focused on resolving your symptoms rather than suppressing symptoms.  Our focus is on resolving your symptoms, and that is how we manage our clients health. Rather than the age old lab results and analysis approach.  While low t symptoms can take years, others can take weeks. We are focused on optimizing our patients health as efficiently as we can, and we do not have a one size fits all approach to TRT.  We have helped thousands of men and women recover from low t, and other hormone deficiencies.

What Can I Expect At My First Consultation With Dr. Nichols?

Prior to your first consultation with Dr.Nichols, you will be asked to fill out documents regarding your health and history. Allowing the doctor to realize your specific situation and how he can effectively guide you back to a healthy and productive lifestyle. During the consultation you will not be rushed, nor will you leave without having your questions answered. Dr. Nichols will go through the ins and outs of hormone therapy, what to expect and how it will benefit your health. By the end of the consultation you will walk away with insight most patients never learn from their providers. This is a one-on-one consultation, not a traditional visit to a doctors office. We want our patients to walk away satisfied, confident. optimistic and ready to get their lives back.

How Long Does TRT Take To Start Working?

This is normally the first question patients  ask when they start TRT.  The answer to this question is unique to you and your lifestyle and current state of health. Most men can expect therapy to start producing benefits within weeks of starting TRT. The first noticeable effects are more energy, better sleep, and libido. Over the course of 3-6 months is when we start seeing the underlying health markers improve, such as blood pressure, insulin, heart rate, bone density, mental health, muscle growth and more. Most patients can realize the major benefits of TRT by month three, and these benefits continue to present themselves over a span of 1-2 years.  This is all directly proportionate to how well the patient cares for their own health, diet, nutrition, sleep and fitness.  Testosterone is not a miracle drug, it increases in benefit when the body is being cared for by the patient.

How Do I Take My Testosterone and When?

We have two options for men and women. The first are injections via Cypionate. The other is a HRT cream developed by Dr. Rouzier and our compound pharmacy. Most patients take their dose daily or twice a day.

Cypionate (Brand name: Depo-testosterone)

  • What is Cypionate? : An injectable solution of Testosterone mixed an ester. The ester allows the testosterone to be slowly released into the blood over a period of time. This is one of the oldest methods of administering testosterone and the majority of the hormone is absorbed into the body. There are many variations , but this is the most popular in the united states.
  • Where Do I Inject Cypionate? This solution was made to be injected in the muscle. Recently it has been found belly fat (any fat) allows the patient to inject easier, and the hormone is released into the bloodstream more evenly versus muscle. This is injected using an insulin needle versus a intramuscular needle for the traditional method.
  • How Often Do I Inject? Our research shows a daily injection produces more stable levels in the blood, but we allow the patient to inject every other day or twice a week.
  • How Long Does Cypionate Take to Reach Steady Levels in Blood? Almost immediately, but very slowly. One injection lasts about 4-6 weeks in the body and it takes approximately 30-40 days for the dose to reach steady state in the blood.

Compounded HRT Testosterone Cream

  • What is HRT Cream? : A cream formulated to be applied topically on the skin for quick absorption with little residue. Just like facial or hand cream bought at the store.
  • Where do I Apply HRT Cream? This is a cream formulated to be applied on the testicular tissue of men. This is due to the alpha-5 reductase found in the tissue, which allows for efficient absorption and other benefits we will discuss at your consultation. We prefer this method, because a small amount increases levels of T in the body similar to injectable solutions. Cream actually performs better when compared to injectables. Unlike gels, this cream is 10 times stronger and more effective. With gel you would need to apply ten clicks to achieve what one click of cream could achieve. Most of our patients prefer the cream over injections. We do not prescribe androgel or pellets.
  • How Often Do I Apply The HRT Cream? Once or Twice Daily. This has a short half life and was developed as a daily application.
  • How Long Does The HRT Cream Take to Absorb? Immediately and it reaches peak levels in the blood between 3-4 hours. This lasts approximately 24 hours with a 12 hour half life. Meaning half of the dose is gone within 12 hours of application.

What Are The Benefits of Testosterone?

It is widely known that Testosterone is a hormone that is necessary for both men and women. At an early age it is responsible for developing the sexual characteristics for each gender. Testosterone is also responsible for the growth of young children into adults.  Adults benefit from testosterone for life and need healthy levels in order to stay healthy and free of illness and disease. The symptoms and diseases normally encountered due to low levels of testosterone are cardiovascular disease, diabetes, bone loss, mental health and more. The benefits of T are a healthy mind and body. This is a hormone that protects the body and allows it to function optimally. Including secondary and positive effects such as muscle mass, strength, endurance, decreased fat, and increased exercise tolerance. Testosterone also improves libido and sexual function.

At optimal levels, testosterone increases bone density and reduces the risk of osteoporosis. It has many beneficial and protective effects on the cardiovascular system. Testosterone’s vasodilatory effects help lower blood pressure, improving or protecting against hypertension and heart disease. It lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol and increases HDL (good) cholesterol levels. Testosterone reduces insulin resistance, body fat, and arthritis. It improves skin tone, collagen production, and healing capacity. It decreases inflammation and has been shown to reduce degenerative joint disease. Testosterone is also a great mood enhancer and imparts a sense of well-being in men and women.

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