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Although reluctant to discuss our private health and medical issues in public, we know that many people could potentially benefit from hearing about our experiences. So we decided to share. For perspective, we have been patients since 2013. I was sixty at the time; my wife was in her mid-fifty’s. 

Up until then, we faced more and more challenges generally associated with aging, including loss of sexual desire, fatigue, several muscle/joint injuries (some even requiring surgeries) and weight gain.

We were both increasingly frustrated with our overall physical condition, which affected our quality of life in almost every way. Many health care providers simply encouraged us to accept the fact that we were aging and all these problems were just a part of getting older.

Just one example: my wife had tendinitis in both forearms and was told the only solution was prednisone injections periodically.  Well, she said “no”, and began to look for other  solutions.

Through good friends, we found out about Tier 1 Health and Wellness. We made an appointment, got our bloodwork done and started our hormone therapy. Soon, we started noticing improvements. And over time, those improvements have sustained and even increased.

Another note: all the tendinitis issues went away.  

We feel that our lives have totally changed  for the better. More energy, better sleep, overall quality of life! From our point-of-view, it’s like reverse-aging!

In addition (and this is VERY important), we both believe that our immune systems have been impacted in a positive way. 

There are SO MANY benefits to this approach to wellness, prevention and quality of life!

Finally, Dr. Keith, Angie and their entire staff are the most caring, professional, knowledgeable and dedicated you will ever encounter.  We highly recommend them!   

- From our point-of-view, it’s like reverse-aging!

- Improve Your Health After Menopause

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- My Experience with Hormone Optimization at Age 59

- 64 Year Old Man Changes His Life with Tier 1

I just wanted to thank you for recommending Dr. Busch and for your medical expertise in quickly diagnosing that I had a prostate problem. I am deeply appreciative of your guidance. I am positive that it helped save my life.

- I.P.

Starting BHRT is the best thing I have ever done in my life, and BHRT has totally changed my life! I have never had so much energy, vitality and strength. I have lost 25 pounds. I no longer experience the fatigue, the joint pain and inflammation that I had for so long. I feel 10 times better than when I was a much younger person. I can honestly say that 70 is the new 50, and the sex is so much better, it is unbelievable. All this I can attribute to the experience and work of Dr. Nichols and Angie. I have never had a doctor with so much knowledge, caring and compassion for their work as these two individuals. I must admit, when I first began the program, I never in a million years would believe what I have experienced, and I can truthfully say it is because of Dr. Nichols and Angie!!! Yes, the program works, but Dr. Nichols and Angie are the reason because of their vast knowledge and dedication to each and every patient. I am 71 years old and never felt better.

- S.M.

My husband has been on hormone replacement for a while now. The problems started in his 20s. Some would think that’s too young, but it’s not. Before the replacement, he was in a deep, dark hole and couldn’t crawl out of it on his own. It affected not only him but our marriage, as well as his relationship with our oldest son. He struggled to get out of bed in the mornings because he was depressed. He couldn’t find the energy to play or do anything with our son. His sex drive was nonexistent, and his mood swings were off the charts. He struggled with his weight and maintaining it. He wasn’t himself nor the man I married or the father he wanted to be to our son. This was just what I saw happening. I had no idea what he was really going through until he let me in on everything. Luckily, we found out his problem was really low testosterone. Now, he is like a brand new man. He has energy to work out every day, has lost weight, put on muscle, and is maintaining the weight loss. He has energy to play with both our sons since we now have two. Our marriage is stronger than ever, and he doesn’t have mood swings like before. His sex drive has gone way up to the point I’m struggling to keep up with him. The hormone replacement was the best decision he has ever made. Dr. Nichols and Angie saved him from a lifetime of struggles. And for that, I’m so grateful for them.

- M.M.

The level of care that the Nichols’ staff provides has been excellent. I remember when I made that first phone call and asked if I was too young to have an appointment. They made me feel like I was welcomed. I was 24 years old and had every symptom that came with inefficient testosterone levels. I was hardly even in the normal range, my level was four points above the reference range for the free testosterone. My sex drive was nonexistent, limited work capacity, moody, fatigued, massive weight gains (and not the good kind), and the list kept going. My family doctor said my levels were fine and that I was too young for hormone treatment, but not too young to be on blood pressure medicine the rest of my life. I just wanted to treat the problems, not the symptoms. Testosterone was my problem.

September 1, 2016, was the first day I received my medication, and it’s been nothing but positives ever since. Angie often asks how I am feeling. I never really know how to answer that question because you don’t know how bad you feel until you feel good. Most importantly, I still have my marriage. My sex drive is higher than ever, and I have lost 20 pounds. I ran my first 5K in Omaha, Nebraska, and I am getting stronger even to this day. I haven’t been on blood pressure medicine ever since.

The biggest difference I see in just one year of treatment is energy. Before treatment, I didn’t have the energy to lose 20 pounds, run a 5K, keep up with my wife’s sex drive, etc. Angie and Dr. Nichols gave me the energy to live an “optimal” life.

- Dan

I am a 69 year old male who for over 15+ years has been experiencing a steady decline in testosterone that drastically effected my libido, sexual performance, and general sense of well being. In fact for that 15+ years I had stopped experiencing morning erections. I tried a boat load of supplements and supposedly testosterone boosting products that did nothing to improve my described condition. I repeatedly asked my medical doctors( general practitioner, endocrinologist, and urologist) for help and would at best walk out of their offices with a free sample of Viagra or Cialis and a prescription for such. When I would request a blood workup to determine my testosterone levels, it was with reluctance on their part that I was sent to the lab for a blood draw and was politely informed that this was a normal part of male aging and that I should begin to accept it. Once the results returned I was told they were in the normal range for a man my age and that was true but they were rock bottom low on the free testosterone side of the results. No surprise there as to why I was experiencing what was happening to me physically.

Then in July of 2018 I heard about the SonicGains therapy and the bio identical hormone replacement therapy offer by Dr. Keith Nichols in Cookeville, TN. From the very first phone contact I was treated with care and concern. The office manager, Ryan, talked me through the process, assisted me in setting up an appointment, and answered my questions with patience, encouragement, and respect. Dr. Keith and his wife/nurse, Angie, were great in that they shared my concern for the present situation and with enthusiastic openness and honesty they got me on track for what has turned out to be a very productive adventure and a recovery of my ailing manhood. Within three weeks after the initial six SonicGains treatments and the starting of the regiment of bio identical hormones I began to experience frequent nightly erections that had not been evident for 15+ years. On top of that I have a tremendous sense of well being, energy and stamina. I am even seeing increased muscle mass from my gym workouts which were not there previously.

Am I pleased? I am beyond pleased—–I am ecstatic! When I reported this to Dr. Nichols, his response was: “That is a MIRACLE in light of how severe your ED was.” Dr. Nichols, Angie, and the whole staff genuinely care about you as an individual person and they work with you and coach you so that you can achieve the maximum of these health benefits that are otherwise lost with aging. I have and am receiving top of the line care and for me the best is yet to come. Thanks Dr. Nichols and staff.

- J. C. (Pennsylvania)

Before I began bioidentical hormone-replacement therapy one year ago, I did not have any energy, I felt weak, and my husband and I did not enjoy any sex life. I was always aching, my legs felt weak, sex was painful. I had a total lack of energy and no motivation. Since being on the program I now feel like a new person, especially sexually. I have recommended Tier 1 Health and Wellness to four of my friends, who have also signed up and are currently participating in the program. I wanted them to experience the same improvements that I have received and encouraged them to go see Dr. Nichols because of the energy that the program has given me. When I first started on the program I lost almost 20 pounds. Dr. Nichols told me hormone therapy will not do it alone, but encouraged me to increase my exercise, which I have done, and that enabled me to lose weight. My joints feel stronger, there is not as much soreness in my body, and I feel energized. Most importantly, my relationship with my spouse has improved. There is no more pain with sex, as the vaginal dryness has resolved and sex with my spouse is great.

- L.M.

I had a hysterectomy at age 30 and for 20-plus years have struggled with extreme fatigue, mental fog, achy joints, depression, hair loss, low sex drive, vaginal dryness, saggy breasts, etc. You name it, and I struggled with it. I’ve been to many doctors and tried many different meds over this time frame.

When I heard about Dr. Nichols and Angie, I was over-the-moon excited. When I came in for my appointment in February, my husband drove me. I had such chronic fatigue, I couldn’t drive myself. I was at the end of my rope, I was taking antidepression meds and basically sleeping all the time, dragging through life.

After labs and follow-up appointments, I stopped all antidepression meds and started the regimen outlined by Dr. Nichols and Angie.

Today, four months later, I feel better than I have felt in years! I have energy (working out again), I sleep like a baby, I have self-esteem again, my body is no longer aching and my joints are moving, my memory has cleared, and I no longer fight the fog, my sex drive is better than ever and my husband is certainly happy about that!!

I recommend Dr. Nichols and Angie to everyone I meet! My family and friends can’t believe the difference!

We are truly blessed to have someone with their expertise in Cookeville! Don’t live your life settling call today for a free consultation!!

- T.G.

I am 64 years old, and I totally ran out of energy and really did not care if I even got off the couch last winter. My daughter decided to try this, so I have too. They tested me, and I was quite low, and all I can say is I have so much energy now. My skin looks better. I am beginning to lose weight, and I can go all day long. Everybody in my family is enjoying that, including my husband. I have more sex drive, too. So there have been a lot of pluses. I would recommend it to anybody.

- C.B.

I am 37 years old, and I was experiencing a big struggle with weight loss and even maintaining my body weight, even with exercise and diet. Then I decided I needed to get my hormones checked out and found out that I had some major issues. Since I have been on the hormones, last month I have already lost five pounds and have not done any major exercise and have just been watching what I eat. I no longer have the sluggish feelings or feeling like I am dragging, or my brain is in a fog. I have increased amounts of energy. Before, whenever I would get home from work, I would fall asleep sitting on the couch with my children, and now I get home and ask them if they want to go shopping or go do something. So that has been huge, and it has been better for my home life as well in that sense, since I have more energy to be able to go do things with my children whenever I get home from work.

I found out through doing the hormone testing that I have PCOS, which I had never been previously told by any other doctor. So that was huge to find that out, and to find out what we needed to do in order to be able to counteract the effects of it.

- A.C.

I had really, really bad hot flashes all night long and during the day, night sweats really bad at night. I couldn’t sleep. I was very tired every day. Mood swings up and down. I would be angry one day, crying the next week. Everybody just got on my nerves. I really just could not stand myself until I started HRT, and now I can tell a great big difference. I have more energy. I am building more muscle. I seemed to be losing muscle mass before. I just feel better all over. I do not have any hot flashes. My weight has been maintaining because I was putting on lots of weight, and it just seemed like you couldn’t even look at anything without putting on 10 pounds. So it has been well maintained. I am losing a few pounds now, and I eat better. I just feel better all over.

The joint pain has gone away. I have no joint pain either. I had swelling and lots of joint pain. I still have a little water retention, but it is not really bad. The joint pain on my wrists, ankles and knees has gone away since I started HRT.

I would recommend Tier 1 to everyone, anyone that is having trouble with hot flashes, mood swings, all your symptoms of hormone imbalance.

- J.K.

Dealing with aging along with menopause symptoms is an experience that is less than pleasant at times. I was experiencing much less energy than my busy lifestyle required along with night sweats and a low level of depression. I had tried the pellet inserts and did get a bit of relief, but it was limited. When I heard about BHRT with Dr. Nichols and its benefits, I was skeptical, but I wanted to give it a try to see for myself. Well, that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. After only a short time, I was seeing changes that I didn’t think I would ever see again. Along with increased energy levels, great sleep, an increased sex drive and just an overall feeling of well-being and happiness, it has been life changing. I have recommended this to many of my friends and people that I meet and will continue to do so. I’d love for everyone to feel as though the clock has been turned back decades. Thanks to Dr. Nichols, Angie and Sutton Family Pharmacy for your great work in providing this service to our community.

- B.M.

My life forever changed this past October 2015, and I have made a health care decision to be my own health advocate in doing the best program option for myself. After being admitted to CRMC for elevated heart rate in the 170s, I knew instantly things in my life had to change. I had been battling with hypothyroidism for two years with no meds, just watching levels doctor states we will wait for you to crash.

Three years ago, total hysterectomy. Hormones not well with all these changes, which brought about depression, weight gain, hunger all the time, no energy, mood swings, migraines almost daily, insomnia, joint pain, heart racing, shortness of breath from thyroid. Heard about Dr. Nichols program and had his literature made that call, and he has changed my life. On performing baseline lab work perfect story plan. My story plan showed hormones so low they could not be measured (even though I used Minivelle patch) that should tell us something don’t waste your money.

Armour for my thyroid has been such a blessing no palpitations or raising heart. Now on month four, I feel energized, seldom have headaches now, happier, sleeping improved, eating less, 28 pounds lighter not killing myself at the gym like I did before when I was trying the hardest and could not lose anything.

I am so glad I signed up for this program to be healthy for me.

- S.L.

Before I started bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, I was always in pain. I was real skinny. I did not feel good. I hurt every day I woke up. Being on the hormone treatments has helped me so much. It has changed my life, my quality of life forever. I was always at the doctor, always in pain. Others have noticed, my husband and my family, that I look so much better, feel better and act better. I would highly recommend anybody to do this. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and this has helped me so much with that. I am not in pain. I am not on pain medicines. I feel so much better.

- J.S.

I went to Tier 1 to get help with my thyroid. Little did I know, I would receive help from my complete hysterectomy three years prior. Maybe a week to a week and a half, I could tell the medicine was starting to work. I could sit down without falling asleep in two to three minutes. I had energy. My hair stopped falling out, and to sleep all night I didn’t know it existed. Dreaming every night.

With my hysterectomy, I refused to take the medicine due to bad side effects. Stopped taking the herbs when I started the bioidentical hormones. The first two weeks had really bad hot flashes after two weeks have not had any hot flashes.

This is the best treatment! I feel better, even coworkers have commented that I don’t look tired. I am not moody like before. I would recommend this to everyone.

- P.B.

Before I started bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, I felt tired. I had hot flashes, low sex drive and a bit of depression. Despite going to bed early, it was very hard for me to get motivated in the morning for the day. Now that I have been on hormone therapy for almost a year, most of the symptoms that I was feeling before have gone. I am not experiencing any hot flashes. I sleep well, and the depression is gone. My sex drive is also better.

I would definitely recommend Tier 1 Health and Wellness to my friends and family.

- C.B.

Before starting hormone replacement therapy, I was tired. I had a low sex drive. My body was sore a lot of the time. I felt fatigued. My memory was foggy. I had generalized aches and pains and just a lack of libido. After being on hormone therapy now for a year, I have more energy which applies to everything, and the forgetfulness is now gone. My mental clarity has improved.

I would recommend Tier 1 Health and Wellness to anyone to prolong the amount of time before the onset of some symptoms related to older age.

- E.B.

I must say that doing the hormone therapy is one of the best things I could have done with my life. After going through menopause, I did not realize how down my body had gotten, having joint pain, the weight gain and water retention. I could not lose weight. I went through every avenue and tried everything possible to lose weight and could not drop a pound. My skin started sagging. The elasticity was gone. My eyes were baggy. I was tired all the time. No sex drive.

Now, after being on hormones for so many months, I feel like I used to feel back days before menopause. I have energy. My skin is becoming more taut. My eyes are not as baggy as they were. My skin tone has changed. My energy level has increased. My sex drive has increased. I just feel like a different person. I have lost a lot of weight, almost 40 pounds.

I just cannot tell you enough how wonderful this program is. What Dr. Nichols and Angie have done with this program is remarkable. I would recommend it to anyone. I am an herbalist, and I can tell you that this is one of the best hormone programs that anyone could ever imagine.

- K.W.

Before I started bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, I felt depressed. I had muscle aches and pains, particularly a condition called plantar fasciitis. I had a decreased libido. I felt tired all the time, and I had frequent vaginal irritations, which caused urinary tract infections. After being on hormone therapy, now I feel much more balanced emotionally. I have experienced weight loss, specifically changes in body contour where I notice a decrease in mid-abdominal fat and better muscle tone. I am more rested. My libido is better. I do not experience vaginal dryness any longer.

I have people tell me all the time that I look much more rested and happy and relaxed. I have not been sick any since being on hormone-replacement therapy. I feel that it has helped my immune system. I would recommend Tier 1 Health and Wellness to anyone having symptoms of hormone deficiency because I believe that it has improved my quality of life. I just wish that I would have discovered this sooner.

- P.R.

Before starting hormone therapy, I was feeling run down and tired all the time. I really did not feel like I had any motivation for any kind of get up and go or anything. I worked all the time and slept all the time. After being on hormone therapy for several months I fee like a new man. Everything is back to normal and I feel more energetic and have a better mood. I want to start exercising and trying to get back in shape. I have the ability to do that now where before I was just so worn out that I did not have any kind of time. I could not make time to do it because I was too tired.

After a recent surgery, my recovery time was probably cut in half. The surgeon who did my surgery said that he has never seen anybody heal up as quickly as I have. So I feel pretty good about that. I know it is because of this program I am on. It made the healing time almost just I could not believe how quick it went over. Other people have noticed a change in me. My wife especially says I am in a better mood and have a little bit more get up and go. She can tell a difference.

I would recommend hormone therapy to others and I do it everyday. I try to get people to come and get involved because it is a great thing. I have all of the confidence in the world in Dr. Nichols. I have done research myself and looked it up and I think it is a good thing. Everything he does is scientifically proven. I think it is working. It works for me so I recommend it for everybody.

- J.J.

There were several symptoms that prompted me to start hormone therapy. I had very low energy and I stayed fatigued all the time. I could not sleep and had a low sex drive. I was just feeling very out of it all the time.

In that past I had tried the hormone patch for about six years and then I started doing pellets, the testosterone and the estrogen. I did that for three years. Even though it helped a little bit, I still knew that my numbers were not right. I was still fatigued and I was just not myself.

Since I have been the THR hormone at Tier 1 the difference has been amazing. I do not remember feeling this good in my twenties. I am exercising again. My mood is better. My energy has just skyrocketed. I sleep well at night. My sex drive is tremendously better. Overall I am just a totally different person.

I recommend Tier 1 Health and Wellness to anybody that is just not feeling themselves and wants to feel better and feel more youthful. I would recommend anybody, no matter what your age is and what kind of physical shape you are in, do it.

- C.S.

Prior to starting hormone therapy, I was fatigued. I was having a lot of medical problems, including high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I felt that I needed to work to improve my health. I had no sex drive at all. I found myself becoming more irritable and experiencing difficulty sleeping. I was tired all the time. I did not feel like doing anything. I had also noticed that my strength and endurance was failing. I was also very quiet, and I would not talk to people unless they talked to me first. I was very much living life in a shell.

After being on hormone therapy now for just six months, I can see a dramatic improvement in my overall sense of wellbeing and health in general. Back in December, I had my cholesterol drawn, and my total cholesterol was 152. After being on hormone therapy, my cholesterol has dropped to 119. My triglycerides before were 162, and they are now 125. I have seen dramatic improvement in my energy level. I actually feel like getting up in the morning. When I wake up, I am alert and ready to go. I get up every morning and go work out like a freight train. I actually talk to people now. I catch myself smiling and being friendly. I feel much happier. My mood is better, which makes my marriage better.

I would highly recommend Tier 1 Health and Wellness to anyone that is having symptoms of hormone deficiency. When I do work out, I see results from my efforts. I have noticed improvement in stamina, strength and also muscle mass. I have been very pleased with the care that Dr. Nichols and Angie have provided me. I trust Dr. Nichols to always do what is in my best interest and have complete confidence in his abilities.

- J.O.

I would like to thank Dr. Nichols and his wonderful staff for offering this program of bioidentical hormones. I am going into my third year of taking all the hormones my body requires to run at optimal levels. For the past few years, prior to getting on this program, my balance was very bad, I fell a lot and broke bones, and I was constantly tired, literallly feeling waives of fatigue washing over me. Once our bodies stop processing and developing hormones in our bodies, which it did when we were young, as they say “once you start falling apart – it is rapid”. Being introduced to this program and particularly the training Dr. Nichols and his staff received from the doctor in CA all my friends were going to, I totally put my life in his hands and trusted him 100%. I haven’t had any balance issues, falling issues, mental lapses, or fatigue. I can now play tennis (ok I don’t run), but I’m there. I play golf . I look forward to each day bringing me new strength and joy of living. Because of this program, I can live the way I really want to, and I will never give up this program!

- R.G.

I was always run down, would easily get sinus infections, was not sleeping well and just had low energy. Since I have been on hormones, I sleep like a baby and feel great. This is the first winter in years that I have not been to the doctor at least three times with a sinus infection. Everything is working. I just need to keep going. I would highly recommend Tier 1 Health and Wellness to others.

- R.D.

Before I tried hormone therapy, I was tired quite a bit, not having any desire to do anything around the house or go to work or whatever. Just being real tired and having a very low sex drive were the major symptoms.

Since I started therapy, those symptoms have dramatically improved. It is not hard for me to get up and go to work, I have more energy, I sleep better, and the sex drive the desire for that has increased dramatically, as well.

I would definitely, definitely recommend Tier 1 Health and Wellness to my friends! It would help most of the people that I know who have similar symptoms, and I always say, “Boy, they would really benefit from something like that,” and so I have shared it with some.

- P.G.

Prior to starting hormone therapy, I was lethargic I had no energy I basically wanted to take a lot of naps. Now, I no longer desire the naps during the day, and I feel like I actually want to get out and do things and be active where before I was not. My energy level is 100 percent better. I am out doing things, I have a better attitude about things, and my mood is a lot better.

It is a life changer. I would recommend this to my friends, because if they are having the symptoms I had and they are having problems, they need to have that at least evaluated to see what the problem is, and then Tier 1 Health and Wellness can take care of that if it is a problem they deal with. I very much would recommend Tier 1.

- J.G.

I was experiencing mental fogginess, forgetfulness, depression and minor anxiety. My mood changes were really bad, with day-long fatigue, temperature swings, decreased sense of sexuality, weight gain, joint aches and pains, and water retention. There was definitely impatient and snappy behavior.

I had a hysterectomy, and I knew what my doctor had me on was not working because I did not feel right. I was having all these symptoms. I went to two gynecologists before coming here, and I just did not feel that they were up to date on all the hormones and everything, so I researched it and decided to come over here and try Tier 1 Health and Wellness.

Everything you had said lined up with everything I researched, and I feel 100% better. I now have none of the symptoms I was having before. I have already recommended Tier 1 to others.

- D.G.

I have been in the BHRT business for over 15 years, and I have had a lot of experience with physicians. However, when it became time for myself to need a change in my life, I chose the BEST, Tier One. Why? Because Dr. Nichols and Angie have dedicated their lives to helping people achieve healthy lifestyles. I didn’t want a physician to just treat the symptoms; I wanted a solution to the problem. Dr. Nichols and Angie don’t just tell you what you should do, they live it and that says a lot to me. I did not realize how bad I felt until I started their program. They treat the entire hormone panel, you won’t find that anywhere else. The time and training put into their practice is amazing to me. I have more energy, no brain fog, no forgetfulness, no hot flashes, nor night sweats. My libido is back and I feel great! Trust me, you are worth investing in yourself. Take care of yourself now, so that someone else won’t have to later in life.

- E.A.

I will never live my life without my hormones! I have been a patient of the Health & Wellness program now for three years. I refuse to go back to my way of life before. Sense beginning my optimization, I have now been able to see results from all my hard work. I feel great and look better now than I did when I was in my 20’s. My energy level has excelled beyond my expectations. Most importantly, I feel confident now knowing that I am doing my part in defending myself from future elements such as cardiovascular difficulties and cancer. Thank you Dr. Nichols and Angie!!!!

- J

Before I started BHRT 3 years ago at Tier 1 Health & Wellness, I was tired all of the time. I walked around feeling sluggish with no energy to do anything. I couldn’t wait to go home after work to lay down. I certainly didn’t have a sex drive. My endurance at work had gone down and I just felt like my life was going downhill. Since being on hormones my life has changed dramatically. I started hormones originally after seeing the change that it made to my wife. Shortly after she started hormones, her energy and vitality returned. I started therapy hoping for the same results. Once Dr. Nichols got my hormones optimized, my energy returned. I now work circles around the young guys at work and everyone asks me what has changed. I feel forty years old again. I am 65.

My relationship with my wife has improved too. We laugh frequently and enjoy each other’s company like we did when we were young.

I have recommended Tier 1 to many of my friends and family. Anyone over 40 could benefit from it. Dr. Nichols and Angie take time to educate everyone on their program and I can see that they practice what they preach. It has really improved the quality of my life.

- D.R.

I am a 36-year-old female, mother of 2, and a avid fitness guru. Before BHRT and over the last two years, I began to notice many changes with my body. I was fatigued, irritable, having frequent sleepless nights, and losing motivation and zeal for what had been a very active and fun life. My energy level with my kids/husband and workouts began to deteriorate and I was having to force myself to function. I had several OB/Gyn appointments that led me to find out I was having decreased hormones.

At this point I began researching what I needed to do because I wasn’t expecting this at such a young age. During my research and discussions with friends I was led to BHRT. In the beginning I was very unsure of the effects this would have on my body and my life, but after much discussion with my husband we felt it was the right thing for me and for him, as he was also experiencing some issues of his own. In the first month I began to sleep and have dreams, which I had not done in the last 6 to 7 months. I also began to notice less irritability, and fatigue.

Each month has produced positive noticeable changes. Now at month 4 I am amazed at the difference it has made. My life is back!! I have energy, zeal, joy, and just a good overall feeling physically and mentally. I am now enjoying my vibrant busy kids, husband, workouts, and life! Happy Mom equals?.. yes a happy life! Feeling so grateful to Dr. Nichols and his staff for being passionate and providing a service that changes lives!

- Kristy A.

I began bio-identical HRT in February of 2014. I was at the point of experiencing so much pain that exercising was becoming an ordeal. I had put on enough weight in the three years prior, that I had to go up two clothing sizes, sometimes three! I cried on my first visit when I heard both Dr. Nichols and one of his nurses tell me they had been where I was, and they were both better! The tears were about feeling hopeful for the first time in months, maybe even years.

Today, not quite a year later, I am pain free. I no longer take prednisone for arthritis pain, I am no longer losing my hair, and I am able to exercise every day (not that I do!) I have given away most of my clothes because they were too large; the ones I kept were the ones I was wearing before my weight gain. Even some of those are too large!

I cannot say enough good things about bio-identical HRT, and how my life has changed because of how much better I feel!

- Jan T.

I started my HT treatment in June 2014; I turned 61 in November of 2014. I feel like I have more energy, my sex drive has increased to what was when I was in my 30’s. I am a type 2 diabetic; I have never taken any medicine. I have kept it in my Doctor’s approval range by diet and exercise but by checking my blood on a regular basis I feel like the HT has helped the diabetes. I am pleased with the results.

- Donald B.

Before starting hormone therapy I was tired. I would sit down in a chair a lot of times and go to sleep. I just did not have any energy to do the things that I wanted to do. Then if I did do it, I was just worn out. I did not have any energy for the afternoon or anything. I just wanted to feel better.

I am a late bird. I like to stay up late and sleep late. The sleep was better after I started. It seems like I would sleep longer, more into a deep sleep than I did before. Any little thing would wake me up. After I started, I was getting more sleep.

After being on hormone therapy for a few months I feel a lot better. When I want to go out and do something, I have the energy now, and I do not lag behind like I used to, so I know it is helping. I know that I am doing a lot better than I did before, and I feel younger.

Other people have noticed. My husband says I am feistier, my daughters said they can tell a big difference in me when we go shopping. I can hold out longer than I used to.

Like I said, my energy level was low, but now that I have been on the hormones, it seems like I can concentrate better. I can concentrate in more depth into something when I am talking about it. I can just tell a big difference.

I would recommend Tier 1 to my friends. I would and I have. I think they will enjoy coming because they want to feel better too.

- L.E

Before I started bioidentical hormone replacement at Tier 1 Health & Wellness I was not living but struggling to survive. I didn’t understand what was wrong with me and why my Endocrinologist kept telling me I was normal.

For over a year I lived with symptoms that included “brain fog”, extreme exhaustion. Depression, irritability, low to no sex drive, muscle pain, dry skin, hair loss, weight gain, et. I was the typical definitely of a person having Hypothyroidism. In the first few months my general doctor prescribed me the typical hypothyroidism medicine, which seemed to help. By my forth month the medicine no longer made a difference and they suggested I see an Endocrinologist. The doctor started all the normal blood test and kept telling me that I feel in all the “normal” ranges. At that time normal for me was falling asleep at work, taking naps as often as I could, crying myself to sleep at night, and just overall fear. How could this be normal? After she suggested another medication and anti-depressants I realized this is not how I want to live. I am so blessed that I happened to have a conversation with my cousin what suggested I go for a consultation at Tier 1. After only four months of taking bioidentical hormones I am a completely different person. I am able to be productive at work again, attend CrossFit 4 days a week, be a better wife, and just generally a much happier person. I am able to enjoy life again! There are no words to express how this has changed my life and how grateful I am to have found Dr. Nichols and Angie at Tier 1. There is an option besides the “normal treatment”.

- Kathleen B.

Before I began the treatment, I had trouble sleeping. I had some depression. No sex drive whatsoever, and just constantly tired. I did not feel like going to town or even doing my daily routine.

Now my whole outlook is different. I sleep well. I get out and shop without any tiredness. I can go all day long. The sex drive has returned, and I have an overall better outlook on life.

I have already recommended Tier 1. It has been one of the best choices I have ever made as far as my health and well being.

- S.C.

Before I started bioidentical hormone replacement therapy I felt very fatigued, tired, and had hot flashes. The thyroid was out of control. I did not feel good at all with that. I did get moody. My hair was really bad. My nails were bad. I just overall did not feel good.

Now I feel much better. My thyroid is getting a whole lot better with the new thyroid medication, Armour Thyroid.

I am not as puffy. I am more alert and not as tired.

I would recommend Tier 1 Health and Wellness to my friends and family because it is very important, if you have health issues, especially a bad thyroid, because that is really what I have read about. If your thyroid, both levels, T4 and T3, are bad, then it is not working at all with the synthetic hormones. So I find my thyroid getting way better. That is what I needed the most, I think.

- D.M.H

Before Is started with Tier 1, I was on hormone replacement for several years. But over time even with adjusting the dosage I began to not feel as good as I should. I felt I was aging way ahead of my time. My local gynecologist tried patches, creams and implants. But I never felt like anything lasted for long. And my libido never really improved. I felt as if I was in a rut.

Now since I have started this program, I wake each day refreshed. I dream every night. My mood and drive is back. I feel so much better. My color is back and memory is so much clearer. And I have only been one this for one month!

If you have been on normal hormone replacements, you are missing so much. I recommend trying this. You don’t know how much you are missing.

- Morgan O.

Before I started bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, I had been taking generic hormones for 30 years. I felt moody, and irritable. I had a low energy level and restless sleep pattern. I also suffered with extreme hot flashes. I would complain about these problems to my primary care doctor & gynecologist, who didn’t seem to know what to do to help me. Basically, I was told that this is what happens when we get old and part of life. I was offered antidepressants and sleeping pills but nothing really helped.

Thankfully, I heard about Dr. Nichols’ program at tier 1. I decided that I had nothing to lose, and gave it a try. What impressed me was their vast knowledge of hormone therapy & willingness to listen to me and educate me. I was made to feel like I had a partner to help me regaining my health & quality of life. Since taking bioidentical hormone replacement therapy I have more energy, and sleep much better. I am able to get out and go camping, travel, ride bikes, and enjoy my life again. I have a stronger sex drive, which my husband appreciates! The best way to explain it is that I am now aging strong & healthy rather than sitting around getting weaker by the day. Dr. Nichols and Angie have given me an overall better existence and improved my life. I also have no more hot flashes!

I recommend Dr. Nichols & Angie at Tier 1 Health & Wellness for anyone wanting to improve their health & life. I live in Nashville & have been other places, but no one offers the same level of care that they do. They look at all hormones including thyroid! I have recommended bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for all my friends, As we age, why not continue to live like we did in our earlier years if possible and with this replacement therapy I can do that and so can you! I am 66 and feel like I am 40.

- W.B.

Tier 1 Health and Wellness is the best at what they do. Dr. Nichols and his staff have significantly improved my health and wellbeing. The Tier 1 Health and Wellness program is second to none. They care about the people they treat and will do anything they can to improve your quality of life. Before beginning the Tier 1 program, I was irritable, fatigued, was not sleeping and in general just did not feel good. I was hitting a wall every day around 3:30 or 4:00. I am happy to report that all of those problems have significantly improved, and I am extremely pleased with my decision to become a part of Tier 1 Health and Wellness.


I wanted to express my thanks to the Nichols and to Tier One Institute Health and Wellness

After a complete hysterectomy at age 29, I struggled for years from hormone imbalances. I saw many different doctors and herbalists seeking a cure for my intolerable symptoms. I suffered from night sweats, low to no energy, lack of motivation, no sex drive, sleep deprivation, irritability, and depression. I tried almost every form of synthetic estrogen from pills, transdermal patches, to intramuscular shots. Nothing was helping me and I just thought I would have to live my life in misery.

Then I heard about BioIdentical Hormone Replacement therapy and read about how many women and men basically “came back to life” after making them part of their daily regimen. Now I am 43 years old and been on this therapy for about three months and I feel like me again! Finally after so long just getting through each day, I actually enjoy my life again. My energy is up so I have been working out again, sleeping better, depression is gone, night sweats are gone, sex drive is back, everything is better. I feel great! I would highly recommend any women who has any of these symptoms to try this!! It will change your life! Best thing I ever did for myself!

Thanks again for everything, I am so thankful you guys are helping people improve their lives. God bless!

- Myra S.

I came to Tier 1 at the end of 2013 with several symptoms that had me feeling off balance. I was exhausted, constantly stressed and irritable, unable to focus, having memory issues during studying, and the worst for my marriage was there was no desire for intimacy anymore.

After talking to Angie about BHRT, it gave me hope that this choice of therapy would help me feel healthy again. Seeing the lab results and the decline of normal levels of hormones helped me understand why I was feeling so unhealthy.

As the months passed following the regimen of BHRT and seeing the incredible results both mentally and physically, it has been by far the best choice I have made for myself. My mental status is much more calm and happy, with an ability to focus. Physically my energy levels have increased back to a much younger state, with noticeable muscle tone, and a big increase in libido.

Angie and Dr. Nichols are an amazing team! You can tell when you meet them, that they live what they practice. I, and my whole family, are grateful for the incredibly positive results from BHRT.

- Traci F.

I am an extremely active person. Normally very social and full of joy. The average person would have just stopped and crawled into bed. But I trudged on.

I teach a boot camp class three days a week. I cycle, I run and walk my dog daily. I love to clean my house, cook and entertain. I normally love life.

But, little by little I was staying home, only to get out for my class. My energy and enthusiasm dwindling. I just didn’t want to be around anyone. I just “felt better” at home. There was heaviness, a cloud over me. My mood was blah. Self-confidence at a low, endurance and energy just so low. I was not sleeping well either.

I ran into a couple of friends who looked so good. Bright and happy and just different from the last time I saw them. They told me about Angie Nichols, RN specializing in BioIdenticals.

After 5 weeks, I feel so much better. My energy has returned, yet I have a calmness about me. My mind seems clear, sleep is much better. I have energy all day, a good attitude, yet after dinner I can sit and relax with my husband and let my body rest and recharge. The natural melatonin has helped my sleep as well.

I am excited to start each day re-balancing my hormones. Don’t let anyone tell you “it’s normal”, or “well that happens to you in your 50’s” it does not need to be that way.

Life should be lived to its fullest everyday and I feel like I’m back to being 32 again!

I would rather be on BioIdenticals than anti-depressants.

- Lori H.

Before I started bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, I felt a tapering off or lessening of physical and mental wellbeing, and it was frustrating as I had improved my diet and exercise regimen, to no avail.

My symptoms included daily fatigue, irritability and forgetfulness/indecision. (Those were the big three for me.) Now I feel like I am 30 years old again, on top of my game, both physically and mentally. (My family agrees.)

I would recommend Tier 1 Health and Wellness to my friends and family because it transforms you back in a natural way, which is the only way to do it. My personal motto in life has always been Get results, don’t give excuses, and now I can actually live that motto again!

- Brian C.

Before HRT, I was having such constant and severe hot flashes that it was nearly impossible to function in my day-to-day duties, and sleep was out of the question. My mood swings were ruining my marriage and my relationship with my employees at work. Now, I have a steady demeanor, and everyday stresses do not send me over the edge. My husband has noticed the difference, as well as my employees. They all said to tell you, Thank you!

P.S. My energy level has increased dramatically. I now work out on my elliptical every day for at least 40 minutes!

- Donna R.

I have been on the hormone replacement therapy now for a little over a month, and I am feeling great. I suggest anyone that has not gotten on it to be on it. I have been off blood pressure pills now for over a month and a half because of taking the new hormone replacement therapy, and I suggest anyone that is not doing it, to please do it.

My energy level is so good. I have always had lots of energy anyway, but now it’s just over the top. I just feel great. I am sleeping great. I can do things that I hadn’t been doing. I am not young anymore. I don’t have hot flashes – I’m young again. I feel great, and I just think everybody should do it. I am happier. I seem to smile more. I don’t get angry as bad. I just cannot say enough good things about it. I just thank all the people that put me on this stuff. I love it.

Thank you so much.

- Sandra R.

I started hormone replacement therapy under Dr. Nichols in August 2013. At that time, I was very depressed and downhearted. I didn’t feel like doing anything. I couldn’t do my housework. I was tired all of the time. Now, I feel like a human being. I am happy, happy. I just had my 80th birthday. I appreciate life. Now, I have the energy and desire to travel and do things with my friends. I would recommend Dr. Nichols and his program to anyone that wants to improve their life.

- T.G.

I have been coming to Tier I Institute for three months now. When I started coming, I just felt like life had taken a toll on my mind and my body. I felt about 60 years old. Once I started the hormone replacement, I just started noticing a daily difference in my skin, my hair, my decision making, and my sex drive. Things are just better. My skin is better. My hair has improved. My relationship with my husband and my family has improved. I am just so grateful for Angie introducing me to this because it has really changed my life.

I just make better decisions. I am calmer. I was very depressed when I came and dealt with depression and anxiety daily. I no longer have those problems. I feel very good about this, and I am very grateful for Angie, and like I said, her introducing me to it and what it has done for my body and my family, and I know they are grateful, too. So I just appreciate it.

- Kari C.

Before I started hormone replacement therapy, I felt terrible. No energy at all. I could not even houseclean or exercise. All I wanted to do was sit and rest. I would almost fall asleep driving home from work. Now I have a lot of energy and can sit up at night and actually do things. I had absolutely no sex drive whatsoever, and it’s wonderful again. I stayed hot and cold at the same time. I would run my fan and heat at the same time, especially when I could while working at my desk.

I smile more now, like I used to, because I feel more like myself again, thanks to Tier 1 Health and Wellness. These are just to name a few. My life is finally on track once again.
Thank you so much.

- Tonya E.

I have been on the hormone replacement therapy now for a little over a month, and I am feeling great. I suggest anyone that has not gotten on it to get on it. I have been off blood pressure pills now for over a month and a half because of taking the new hormone replacement therapy, and I suggest anyone that is not doing it to please do it.

My energy level is so good. I have always had lots of energy anyway, but now it’s just over the top. I just feel great. I am sleeping great. I can do things that I hadn’t been doing. I am not young anymore. I don’t have hot flashes, but I’m young again. I feel great, and I just think everybody should do it. I am happier. I seem to smile more. I don’t get angry as bad. I just cannot say enough good things about it. I just thank all the people that put me on this stuff. I love it. Thank you so much.

- Sandra R.

I started this Health and Wellness program back in January with my husband. We are both feeling much better, fantastic. I had problems with cancer in past years, and I’m trying to get my back straightened out, and that’s how I met Dr. Nichols and this program. He has my back straightened out, and this has my energy straightened out. I’ve had people come up to me and ask me, “What have you done? Your color is different.” I just have so much energy. It has really made a big difference.

I recommend it to anybody. In fact, I have told a lot of people at the golf course that the pamphlets are in the pro shop; pick one up and try it. It’s great.

Darlene G.

I feel so much better with natural hormone therapy. My energy level, mood and overall wellbeing have improved tremendously – reminds me of when I was younger. I recommend it!

- Beth J.

My wife and I have been on the Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy administered by Tier 1 Health and Wellness Center in Cookeville, TN since the end of November, 2012. In these past few months, we have seen improvements in weight loss of approximately six pounds each with an increase in muscle mass. Our immune systems have had improvements shown by the fewer colds this winter compared to the past few years. Our stress level is less, and we sleep better at night. We both have noticed a remarkable decrease in hair loss.

In summary, after experiencing the above results, I would recommend this therapy to anyone experiencing weight gain, loss of muscle mass, increased fatigue and stress levels, loss of hair, and possible immune system deficiencies. We have experienced improvements in all the above areas and feel that our overall health is much better through participation in the replacement therapy.


Before HRT, I was having such constant and severe hot flashes that it was nearly impossible to function in my day-to-day duties, and sleep was out of the question. My mood swings were ruining my marriage and my relationship with my employees at work. Now, I have a steady demeanor, and everyday stresses do not “send me over the edge.” My husband has noticed the difference, as well as my employees. They all said to tell you, “Thank you!”

P.S. My energy level has increased dramatically – I now work out on my elliptical every day for at least 40 minutes!

- Donna R.

I came to Tier 1 because of pain in my shoulder, neck, back and right arm. I have fibromyalgia and thought it was getting worse.

Dr. Nichols has a program for all-natural replacement hormones. Bios is what they call them. I’d had a hysterectomy 20 years ago, and my fibromyalgia problems started shortly after that.

The all-natural (which is a blessing) replacement hormones have changed me and my life! I’ve only taken them for 18 days as of today, and my pain is nearly gone in my shoulders and back. My energy level is creeping back up, and I’m doing projects instead of thinking about attempting them. My husband is starting to see the difference in me and my new attitude towards life.

I can’t wait to see what I’ll be feeling like in two months.

- Barbara M.

I am a 48-year-old male who has been experiencing most symptoms of andropause since 1987. My wife and I began our first treatment in late February 2013. From the beginning, she began feeling much better. After one month, we returned for our second blood draw and prescription adjustment, and so far, I felt nothing. I was hoping for something remarkable, but now my skepticism was turning into discouragement. At week five, I received my remarkable feeling, like being launched off of the flight deck of a naval aircraft carrier…remarkable. Holy mackerel.

The effects of this are hard to put into words. I feel constant energy, mental clarity and a sense of happiness and confidence, which has been absent for many years. Am I a perfect clone of myself at 22 years old? No. I am a solid 75 percent of what I was at 22 versus 0 percent of feeling anything anywhere near that age. This is a MONUMENTAL change. I LOVE IT! My general outlook on things and optimism are much better now than when in my twenties, though.

I believe that countless people could cease taking many prescription meds and antidepressants, which do so much more harm than good. This program can greatly benefit many marriages, also. The only possible drawback to this that I can see would be if one person in a marriage received treatment and one did not. The person who is treated is going to have real life-enhancing and life-changing experiences, much for the better. And, frankly, this person’s libido will skyrocket. Be prepared.

I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Dr. Nichols and staff to anyone – male or female. I have real confidence in their abilities.

- John D.

My husband first started the bioidentical hormone program at Tier 1 to help increase his energy level at work. That same month, I turned 54 and decided it was time to do something about my mood, stamina and sex drive. So I went to Tier 1 also and began the hormone program.

It has only been one month, and the changes I am seeing are truly amazing! I couldn’t believe how low my hormone values were to begin with. One month later, I am on my way to being balanced with my hormones. I am a different person! I have so much energy, and I feel great about myself (have had bouts of depression in the past). I am finally seeing results with my workouts, and my body feels more toned. I can even tell a difference in my hair and skin. Our sex life has never been better!

I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to change their life for the better. I hope to be able to be on this program for a long time!

- Perla M.

I am a 62-year-old woman, and I have been on hormone replacement since September of 2012. I wish I had had the opportunity to have been on it 20 years earlier. When my husband and I started, I laughed and told Dr. Nichols that I had no hormones. I was right! He said I was running on zero. It took six months for me to get to where I am now. I feel so much better. I have energy that I thought was gone for good. My marriage has never been better.

I would advise any woman to go on hormone replacement that’s past 40. Like I said, I wish it had been there for me 20 years ago.

- Linda S.

Over the past few years, I began to tire easily, go to sleep in a recliner every night within 10 minutes of attempting to watch TV and had no incentive to exercise. My weight was out of control, I had severe acid reflux, and my blood pressure now required two medications for control. I was very frustrated with life, feeling that all of this was the unavoidable process of aging and that I was headed down the slope at a faster pace than I ever expected. I desperately wanted to feel better even if it was only a slight improvement. My wife and I seemed to be just passing by each other what happened to me over the years.

After much insistence, my primary care provider ordered a total testosterone level test, which came back within the lower limits of normal. No treatment was offered, and I was told to take the results to my urologist. I took the results to him and was refused treatment.

I am very thankful for being led to the right clinic that provides holistic care. Dr. Nichols looked at my entire picture, ordered several hormone level tests, which included a free vs total testosterone level. As a result of his thorough assessment and new test results, I began hormone replacement therapy at Tier 1 in mid November.

By Christmas, I was a changed man. I began “healthy eating,” and by March 2, with no exercise, I lost 33 pounds. Feeling extremely good, I began cardio/strength training at the YMCA on March 15. By April 19, I had dropped a total of 50 pounds!

I now have a renewed relationship with my wife, and everything seems as if we are in the early years of our marriage. As the bumper sticker says, “Life is good,” because it truly is for me. Simply but powerfully stated, “hormone replacement therapy saved my life and marriage.

- John S.